Saturday, April 19, 2014

Billy Corbett, Railyard Master Trainer explains his use of the Railyard Obstacle Course when training youth athletes. My name is Billy Corbett from RetroFIT Training Center and Athletic Revolution Central Denver. I want to talk to you today about something I truly believe can help transform the way you work with your young athletes and adults alike. Actually it s more about the way you work with all humans when it comes to movement. I have been using the Railyard at my training center for the past 6 years and it continues to be the most popular piece of equipment in our training center. When a piece of equipment like this comes along and it has the popularity and fun factor that your clientèle express you have to give it more than ONE look. That’s what I did with my athletes and clients and we’ve been more than satisfied with it. If you’re like me you want to give your clients the best possible experience each time they walk through your doors. If you’re like me you’ll ALSO want to make sure the experience was something that was useful AND informative! And as a business owner you have to find product’s that are durable, can be used by many and has very a long life expectancy. That’s why I recently became a spokes person for Railyard Fitness. AND I really want you to take a look at the Railyard training system and see how this multipurpose unit is so adaptable to the needs of your clients. We have used the Railyard on every population we train here at RF/AR and Ill have to say it is our athletic groups and our youth groups that love ALL the RY can do. They actually like being a part of the schematic layout planning and the program design that they will in turn be following. We have found it to be a great team building exercise because we have such a variety of kids that are in the group. When your coaching style is focused on being outcome based then the Railyard becomes an even better tool because it allows the kids to be creative in what THEY want to do. We all know that The human body was created with the ability to climb, lunge, squat, bend, twist, pull and push and move across the earth. We call these primal movement patterns and since they are the way the body is supposed to move then they should be in your clients training program. One of the areas where WE as a collective fitness coaching group gets stuck is in the area that discusses the train-ability of kids. While there is still much disagreement on the acute program variables like training load, speed of movements, recovery time and intensities…. It’s rather hard to argue that teaching people how to move using their primal movement patterns and that teaching them to control their OWN bodyweight will benefit everyone! Another problem with the methods of the train-ability of kids is that: Today--Most kids train or exercise in only 1 or 2 dimensions or planes of motion. Their physical conditioning is usually restricted to what they can do on a rectangular field with boundaries. That may work for some in the short term but to transform the way we really help our clients improve you have to do several things: 1. Follow the natural intuition of the body and incorporate it into a workable plan. 2. Find something that has enough variety that it will engage the brain and challenge the body 3. Do something that will be perceived as fun- I’ve found the Railyard does all of that and then some- Exercising or (playing) on the RY allows you to overcome different challenges that just don’t exist with other forms of fitness. As the body moves through space - muscles are constantly adapting to its position relative to gravity and its surroundings so to add the dimension of verticality you have upped the ante on stimulus. It does this by utilizing 3 sensory inputs. 1. Vision- optical input from the eyes 2. vestibular –inner ear 3. Somatosensory-feedback from the sense organs in muscles and tendons For example, when you watch one of the kids look at and judge the height of one of the higher rails and figure out a way to maneuver over or under it you see their vision playing an important role. OR Utilizing the Uneven half moon surface that the Railyard offers is very good for improving sense of balance and will obviously work your muscles differently than walking or running on flat ground. Far to few people incorporate balance in their routine but you can get significant Injury prevention just due to balance training Most of us have been conditioned to stay on the ground and just use our feet as a form of locomotion but we are capable of doing so much more while using our entire body. It seems More stability and control over our bodies is what we are looking for when it comes to training our clients and if we want to have the MOST stability and control over our bodies, we need to train balance on our feet and on our hands… AND all this is easily accomplished on the Railyard. The Railyard allows you to deliver so much more to your clients in less time and for more people at one time. And Each time we learn a new skill the brain gets excited and IF it’s a pleasurable experience it wants to try it again and again. - So there are Many mechanisms of human movement at work while playing on the RY - The potential the Railyard offers for creativity in designing your program, it’s versatility and durability and most importantly it’s ability to generate fun should be something … you naturally want to learn more about. - 6 years ago That’s what I did and I haven’t regretted it one minute.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Something New

Change up your workouts, functional exercise, low impact, high intensity, muscle confusion, muscle exhaustion, obstacle courses, suspension training; the list goes on and on.  We are inundated with concepts and ideas that we, as personal trainers, and the average 'Fitness Joe', have no clue how to make heads or tails out of all the information swimming in our world.  We get bombarded constantly with new products that claim all sorts of miracles or that hit just the right spot by targeting that area we most need to improve.
It's no wonder so many people begin an exercise routine and give up after only a few months.  Having worked in the fitness industry for over 13 years, I've been part of the mass influx of new members in January and then, right about this time every year, the mass exodus.  Why does this happen?  How can we, as the fitness professional, help clients and members make fitness & exercise something they look forward to?  Think about how client retention would skyrocket if we had people leaving a workout thinking "Wow, that was fun!"  We look forward to Friday nights (TGIF), to the next episode of The X Factor and sleeping in on Sunday mornings.  Why don't we look forward to moving our bodies with functional exercise, especially since the vast majority of us sit on our backsides 40+ hours a week?  We need to tap into that innate part of us that wants to move, run, jump and play using our bodyweight as exercise instead of making a workout a chore that has to be checked off.  How is it that some grow to love the physical exertion, you what I'm talking about, those gym rats you see every time you step into the facility, and other, actually the majority of those New Year's Resolutioners, absolutely hate the gym and physical activity?  Why have we lost the ability to have fun when making our bodies do functional movements such as skipping, hopping, climbing and jumping?  Remember the days of tearing through the front door, making your living room an obstacle course while slinging your backpack through the kitchen, jumping over the dog and heading straight back outside while mom yelled "be back before the sun goes down"?  That's the kind of enthusiasm we need to bring back in the exercise world.  We can site all the medical reasons but simply put, it feels good to blow off steam and get the body moving in ways it used to, functionally.
Cut through all the boring workouts.  After all, your clients have either just come from or are going to work so, why not make fitness the highlight of their day?  Think logically, your clients get paid to 'WORK' but, now they have to pay to 'WORKout'?  No wonder it seems like another obstacle in their day to get through.  Give them an experience at teh gym, park or studio that they look forward to each day.  Use equipment that mimics things they used to have fun doing as a kid.  Think about it, most of us were not overweight as a kid.  We moved, played, had fun and looked forward to it!  Get your clients up off of machinesand move them!  So many things have come out to help give our clientsan experience not just a workout.  Start using equipment that sets you apart from the average trainer.  Have your clients talking about their workout to everyone they know even other members, especially those that hate exercise.  ViPRs are awesome tools to get the entire system moving and working, Sandbells allow your clients to toss, throw and slam things,  suspension trainers, like Serius Straps, get us using bodyweight for resistance and the Railyard Obstacle Course combines function, balance, cardio and resistance all together!  Use the equipment together or alone, just use it!  You can even plan a whole body workout without equipment.  Here's a great small gorup workout I used lasat week:
Body Weight Exercises:                                             Equipment Exercises:
Body Weight Squats                                                      Railyard Quickovers
Bear Crawls                                                                  ViPR Lateral Lunge-Twist
Push Ups                                                                       Railyard Travelling Step Ups with ViPR Press
Reverse Lunge                                                               Railyard Travelling Push Ups
Crab Hip Extensions                                                      Railyard Walking Lunge w/Sandbell Pass Under

Vary the weights, vary the way the exercise is performed, or the time under tension and your next session is fun, functional and full body!
Let me know what your clients think...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is Corrective Strength Training? And can Kids Benefit from it?”

Corrective training may lead to better balance amongst the muscles and stability within the joint, ultimately decreasing the number of injuries sustained in an individual's performance in a sport. The benefits are usually seen from the use of training that emphasizes the body's natural ability to move in six degrees of motion. 
Is this day and age youth fitness and exercise is ever evolving and so are the injuries.  Serious injuries such as ACL tears and rotator cuff injuries that were once thought to be for only seasoned veterans and over worked and out of shape weekend warriors are now being seen in children as young as 12.  This many times is not only a result of pursuing a serious sport a younger age but more often than not is due to a younger growing body responding to an outside stress.  The largest study of its kind was conducted to find out if Adolescent girls playing soccer had drastically ACL tears when they had at least one 15-minute warm-up session each week.  In a randomized trial involving some 4,500 members of different girls’ soccer teams, the group assigned to perform the neuromuscular exercise sessions had 64% fewer ACL tears than the control participants. Injuries such as these have been a growing concern as the number of girls playing higher level high-intensity sports such as soccer and basketball has increased. One study published in 2007 stated that the injury rate related to soccer amongst female athletes had risen nearly 50% since 1990.  In a new study, females athletes were randomly assigned a specific warm-up regimen twice a week.  Clubs that already had a warm-up program intended to reduce knee injuries were not included in these trials. Results were reported from 230 teams, comprising more than 4,500 players, over the 2009 soccer season. The program included six exercises intended to boost neuromuscular knee control and core stability, replacing the standard stretching routines typically used for warm-up. These trials proved that core stability and proper neuromuscular control were crucial in achieving proper balance to keep the athletes safe.
                  Now what does this have to do with the Railyard Fitness? Everything! The Railyard Fitness system was designed with youth fitness and exercise in mind.  The ever evolving obstacle course utilizes crawling, ducking, climbing and jumping while improving agility, balance, flexibility and neuromuscular strength and general conditioning in a fun and noninvasive environment.  Your little athletes will grow by leaps and bounds literally and never even know it because they are having so much fun.  The Railyard Fitness obstacle course is growing in popularity daily by the industry leaders in youth fitness and exercise.  

How to Prevent Tendon Injuries in Kids

Children more often than not are eager to venture into the world of exercise, especially when they see friends or family members enjoying themselves and many times bettering their quality of life.  However more often than not, people that are over the age of 18 are participating in strenuous exercise regimens such as weightlifting or long distance running.  This can be a cause for concern for many parents when their children want to participate in these activities.  Many times when children start strenuous weight bearing exercises too early in life it can cause many issue down the road if not right away.  Tendon issues can arise, many times leading to even more costly steroid injections or immobilization of the area, often leading to weakening of the affected area and causing further damage as a young adult. 

This is where the railyard fitness, conditioning for kids comes into play.  The railyard obstacle course is an indoor, portable, obstacle course that utilizes your own body weight to achieve safe, fantastic results!  Actions such as jumping, balancing, running, squatting, ducking and pushing as well as pulling your own body weight are used to complete the customized obstacle course.  This is perfect sports conditioning for kids because it emphasizes your children’s own body weight to strengthen their core as well as other stabilization muscles to create synergy among all of the other muscle in your body as well as improving cardiovascular function.   Exercising on the Railyard will not only challenge child’s body, but also their minds. The exercises will naturally engage all the centers of the brain involved with movement and work coordination, strength as well as flexibility across all three midlines of the body. Creativity will be something that comes naturally on the Railyard Fitness course as its 100% customizable, visualizing and executing the movements involved with the ever evolving obstacle course will keep kids on sharp.  The movements, and challenges on the Course will instill confidence and work ethic with every passing day. The exercises can be easily modified and accommodations can be made so that every child will and can succeed no matter what the circumstance may be.

Sports conditioning for kids may seem trivial and somewhat unsafe to some.  However with the Railyard fitness system you can not only make a child’s life better physically, but mentally as well.  Overcoming something as basic as a fear of jumping over an obstacle may give a child the courage and confidence to jump over a mountain, not to mention instill the basic knowledge of exercise and health to improve their lives forever.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is the Best Age to Incorporate Sports into a Kid's Life?

Kids and Sports. What is the best age to incorporate sports into a kid’s life? Youth fitness and exercise are important for kids of all ages. Many children as young as three-years-old are ready to be introduced to sports, such as soccer or kick ball. However, for most kids, the best age to incorporate sports into their lives is around age six because they are better able to understand what it means to be part of a team.

Individual sports, youth fitness and exercise activities that are not team sports should be incorporated into your kids’ lives as soon as the children show an interest. Young children need to learn the importance of physical fitness and exercise. They could begin their fitness training with the Railyard Fitness Playtangle or Railyard Obstacle course.

Both of these fitness tools can be purchased for convenient home use to get your children in the habit of exercising. The best thing about Railyard fitness equipment is that you can exercise along with your children while setting a positive example. Not only is exercise the best way to keep your kids fit, it is also essential for the development of high self-esteem. If your children use Railyard fitness equipment at home they are likely to develop the confidence to try team sports later on 

and to continue being physically active.

Sedentary Kids. There is no question that today’s youth lack exercise. Childhood obesity is at an all time high and has contributed to chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, in children. Due to budgetary restraints, youth fitness and exercise programs have been placed on the back burner in many schools. Physical education classes and school sports have been reduced. Too many kids lead somewhat sedentary lifestyles.

Healthy Families. Kids need some form of exercise everyday. Are your children getting the exercise they need? Are they at risk for health problems because they lack fitness? Do you motivate your kids to exercise? Have you created a healthy family lifestyle? If not, it is time for your family to embrace fitness and exercise. Railyard fitness offers a variety of exercise courses and fitness equipment to meet your family’s needs.

Kids are never too young to be taught the value of good health. Start exercising with your children and encourage them to participate in age appropriate sports. If your kids are not interested in joining sports activities, you will need to find ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. Ride bicycles, roller skate, or go for daily walks together as a family. Buy a set of jump ropes for quick workouts at home. Whatever you do make fitness and exercise a priority for your family.

The Best Foods to Keep your Kiddo on the Move

In order for children to fully participate and perform well in physical activities, they need to eat healthy, nutritious meals to do so.  Several key nutrients that they need are: vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates.  By making meals that combine foods with these nutrients, your child becomes ready to participate in sports conditioning for kids with Railyard Fitness.

Important nutrients for your child

Calcium-rich foods include daily dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese.  It builds stronger bones and develops your child’s body.  Calcium provides energy and will help maximize their growth.  Iron helps oxygen spread throughout the body.  Foods that are good sources of iron are lean meat, chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs, dried fruits, green leaf veggies, and whole grain bread.  

Foods for your kiddo should also include carbohydrates as it provides a lot of energy for the body.  It fuels them to participate in sports conditioning for kids.  Bread, pasta, rice, cereal, and other whole grain foods have an abundance of carbohydrates.  The energy provided allows them to have enough gas to engage in all the Railyard exercises. 

Protein is required for muscle growth and will develop even more with the physical activities from Railyard.  It is important that your child consume meat such as chicken, beef, and steak to obtain the necessary amount of protein.

By making meals that include a combination of the above foods, your child gets the right amount of nutrition and can participate in sports.  It is important that your child consistently eats healthy so their body can grow to their potential. 

After engaging in physical activities, kids need to replenish themselves.  Stop feeding your child cookies and soda.  Some quick healthy snacks include fruits, veggies, cheese sticks, natural granola bars, or a low-fat yogurt.  These snacks do not hurt your body like junk food does and provide your child with the required nutrients. 

Railyard Fitness

Your child can participate in Railyard Fitness to get the most out of their conditioning.  Railyard Fitness is good sports conditioning for kids.  Railyard Fitness incorporates all the active movement a kid needs to stay fit and develop their athletic abilities.  First introduced in 2007, this course has received many good reviews from physical-education teachers, athletic conditioning experts, and fitness trainers worldwide. 
Railyard obstacle courses for kids emphasize fun, and they are able to develop strong, healthy bodies along the way.  Sports conditioning for kids at Railyard Fitness provides your child with strength, improved balance, cardio, endurance, coordination, and confidence.  Movements in the obstacle course include jumping, crawling, ducking, and climbing.  All of this is a part of functional fitness, which has become the standard for conditioning programs in the last ten years.  These activities prepare kids' bodies to participate in sports and develop their athletic abilities.  The actions in Railyard exercises mimic those done in other physical activities and promote safety and correct form.  Your child develops their physical abilities, improves their conditioning, and most importantly, has fun!    

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Importance of Mentally Preparing for a Workout

When it comes to exercising, the right mental state can really make or break your workout. Lack of mental preparation can negatively affect your chances to workout to the best of your ability and can really hinder your physical progress.
In fact, studies show that when it comes to achieving your athletic goals, the correct attitude and motivation is actually half the battle. You can have all the good intentions in the world, but if you’re not motivated or mentally energized, you can fall at the first hurdle, and get into a slump it’s difficult to get out of.

So, it’s not a surprise that when we look at sports conditioning for kids, the same is true; if they get bored, they won’t want to exercise. It should go without saying, a fun and stimulating environment can encourage kids to exercise, without making it seem like menial and hard work. A varying and creative workout can be the key to keeping kids interested in exercising. That’s what Railyard Fitness provides for kids and adults every day.

Innovative and Fun
For most kids, exercise mostly means just playing and being physically active. They’ll likely have gym, sports or dance class at school, and might already enjoy swimming or other cycling. Of course, some kids are more active than others, and a good way of encouraging exercise into their day can be with something challenging, fun and creative, such as Railyard Fitness.
Children can enjoy this program by getting involved with movements such as jumping, crawling, ducking, and climbing! Exercising with Railyard Fitness will help improve your child’s strength, stamina, improved balance, cardio, flexibility, coordination, and posture.

Stimulating Environment
It’s also important to keep young minds stimulated, and interested in their environment for healthy brain development. Railyard Fitness engages all the movement centers of the brain, crossing the midlines on all planes. It encourages your child to engage and solve challenges in a creative way, helping to build their confidence and their physical condition in a fun and exciting way. The equipment itself can be modified to accommodate every child to help them succeed.

Benefits of Regular Exercise
With regular exercise, your child will be fitter, more energized, less likely to become overweight and have a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes or heightened blood pressure.
Aside from the obvious health benefits that regular exercise can bring, children who are physically active generally get a better night’s sleep and are better equipped to handle physical and emotional changes in life – whether that means winning a race or studying for a test.

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